Success with effort versus luck

Everybody can success in his or her life. If they are fully effort to do something. Besides, they should do discipline and well. In term of, they could manage of time as well, especially to do in his or her carrier.

In this case, generally, people have know if someone success when he or she became popular. People did not aware if he or she already doing for along ago. For instance, Boris Becker when he became a winner in Wimbledon for playing tennis in 1994. Everybody had known if he is good player tennis at that moment. Nevertheless, people did not know if he starts for playing tennis since 6 years old. Moreover, his success in his carrier not only does well but also take exercise 6 hours everyday.

Next example, Steve Wonder is a success singer. Although, he is a blind man. Everyday, he always exercises playing piano. Someday, he made a song with the title “I Just Call to Say I Love You,” and became a celebrities and popular in the world. In the other word, even someone has handicap, but he did with effort continuously.

In my opinion, success is not the end of life. Yet, success is beginning for life. Therefore, everybody cans success in his or her life if always discipline and much effort for doing everything in carrier. So, if someone always doing with effort and never stop, that became getting a good results.

“No pain no gain”.